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Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.42/lb Updated 08/09/2022
Steel National Average $158.00/ton Updated 08/09/2022
Aluminum National Average $0.53/lb Updated 08/09/2022

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Rotors $300.00/ ton
Meatballs (Electric Motors) $0.20/ lb
Shreddable Steel $73.36/ ton
Incomplete Car $0.08/ lb
Complete Car $170.00/ ton
Steel Case Batteries $0.15/ lb
Aluminum Copper Radiators $1.15/ lb
Insulated Copper Wire $0.80/ lb
Brass Pipe $1.25/ lb
Dirty Brass Radiators $0.35/ lb
Clean Brass Radiators $1.15/ lb
Bronze $1.25/ lb
Brass $1.25/ lb
Clean Brass Turnings $0.15/ lb
Yellow Brass $1.25/ lb
#3 Roofing Copper $2.50/ lb
#2 Copper Tubing $2.85/ lb
#1 Copper Tubing $3.00/ lb
#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire $3.05/ lb
Light Iron $0.08/ lb
#1 Steel $0.08/ lb
Unprepared Cast Iron $0.08/ lb
Unprepared HMS $0.08/ lb
Unprepared P&S $0.12/ lb
Plate & Structural Steel $0.12/ lb
Cast Iron $0.08/ lb
Crushed Cars $0.08/ lb
Automobiles $0.08/ lb
Scrap Iron $0.08/ lb
#1 Heavy Melting Steel $0.08/ lb
#1 HMS $0.08/ lb
Clean AL Wire $0.50/ lb
Aluminum Turnings $0.38/ lb
Aluminum Rims $0.60/ lb
Aluminum Cans $0.35/ lb
Cast Aluminum $0.35/ lb
Sheet Aluminum $0.40/ lb
Aluminum Siding $0.40/ lb
Brass Scrap $1.25/ lb
AL/ Copper Rads w/Iron $0.25/ lb
Brass Hair Wire $0.65/ lb
Bare Bright Copper $2.80/ lb
Clean Roofing Copper $2.50/ lb
400 Series Stainless Steel $2.00/ CW
300 Series Stainless Steel $0.40/ lb
Communications Wire $0.30/ lb
Old Sheet Aluminum $0.40/ lb
Catalytic Converters $400.00/ lb
Brass Radiators $1.15/ lb
Aluminum 6061 $0.45/ lb
Aluminum Clips $0.50/ lb
Compressors $0.10/ lb
EC Wire $0.50/ lb
ACR $1.15/ lb
#1 Prepared $0.10/ lb
Lead Wheel Weights $0.10/ lb
Lead $0.35/ lb
Car/Truck Batteries $0.20/ lb
Lead Batteries $0.20/ lb
Electric Motors (Aluminum) $0.20/ lb
Electric Motors (Copper) $0.20/ lb
316 Stainless Steel $0.40/ lb
304 Stainless Steel $0.40/ lb
Stainless Steel $0.45/ lb
Dirty AL Radiators $0.25/ lb
Aluminum Radiators $0.40/ lb
Water Heaters $0.08/ lb
Refrigerators $0.08/ lb
Dryers $0.08/ lb
Washing Machines $0.08/ lb
Dishwashers $0.08/ lb
Non Magnetic Stainless Steel $0.40/ lb
Starters $0.17/ lb
321 Stainless Steel $0.40/ lb
Forktruck Battery $0.10/ lb
Ballasts $0.10/ lb
Alternators $0.15/ lb
310 Stainless Steel $0.40/ lb
#1 Flashing Copper $3.00/ lb


Ashley Metal Recycling


Ashley Metal Recycling in Mineral Wells, West Virginia, offers the best prices in the industry for all your scrap metal needs. As your recycling leader serving all of Wood County and the surrounding Parkersburg-Marietta-Vienna WV & OH metro area, you can rely on us for honesty and great customer service. Whether you are a professional, commercial, or industrial recycler, or a private person with some extra scrap metal to get ride of, you can rest assured that Ashley Metal Recycling will treat you right every time.

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