Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.42/lb Updated 01/18/2022
Steel National Average $158.00/ton Updated 01/18/2022
Aluminum National Average $0.53/lb Updated 01/18/2022

Reported Scrap Prices

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#1 Bare Bright Copper Wire call us
#1 Copper Tubing call us
#1 Flashing Copper call us
#2 Copper Tubing call us
#2/3 Mix Copper call us
#3 Copper with Tar call us
#3 Roofing Copper call us
17-4 Stainless Steel call us
300 Series Stainless Steel call us
304 Stainless Steel call us
310 Stainless Steel call us
316 Stainless Steel call us
321 Stainless Steel call us
Bare Bright Copper call us
Insulated Copper Wire call us
THHN Wire call us
Romex® Wire call us
Steel BX $0.30 / lb
Brass call us
Brass Shells call us
Stainless Steel call us
Aluminum Siding call us
Clean AL/Copper Fin call us
Aluminum Radiators call us
Aluminum Cans call us
Sheet Aluminum call us
Aluminum Rims call us
Electric Motors (Copper) call us
Ballasts call us
Lead call us
Car/Truck Batteries $0.20 / lb
Small Foreign Cat $163 / each
Large Foreign Cat $312 / each
Regular Domestic Cat $119 / each
Large GM Cat $281 / each
Small GM Cat $162 / each
Compressors call us
Alternators call us
Carbide call us
500/750 Insulated Cable call us
ACR call us
ACR Ends call us
AL Extrusion call us
AL Thermopane call us
AL/ Copper Rads w/Iron call us
AL/Copper Cutoffs call us
Aluminum #3 $0.35 / lb
Aluminum 6061 call us
Aluminum 6063 call us
Aluminum Boat call us
Aluminum Breakage $0.45 / lb
Aluminum Bumpers call us
Aluminum Clips call us
Aluminum Copper Coil call us
Aluminum Copper Radiators call us
Aluminum Diesel Tank call us
Aluminum Engine Block call us
Aluminum Litho call us
Aluminum Scrap call us
Aluminum Thermo-Pane/Break $0.40 / lb
Aluminum Transformers call us
Aluminum Turnings call us
Aluminum Wire w/Steel call us
Brass Hair Wire call us
Brass Heater Cores $1.65 / lb
Brass Pipe call us
Brass Radiators call us
Brass Scrap call us
Brass Turnings call us
Bronze call us
Bronze Turnings call us
Burnt Copper $2.65 / lb
Cast Aluminum call us
Catalytic Converters call us
CATV Wire call us
Christmas Lights call us
Circuit Breakers call us
Clean ACR call us
Clean AL Wire call us
Clean Brass Radiators call us
Clean Brass Turnings call us
Clean Roofing Copper call us
Cobalt call us
Communications Wire call us
Composition Scrap $1.85 / lb
Copper Scrap call us
Copper Transformers call us
Copper Turnings call us
Copper Yokes $0.35 / lb
Die Cast call us
Dirty ACR call us
Dirty AL Extrusion call us
Dirty AL Radiators call us
Dirty AL/Copper Fin call us
Dirty Aluminum Turnings call us
Dirty Brass call us
Dirty Brass Radiators call us
Dirty Roofing Copper call us
Double Insulated Cable call us
EC Wire call us
Electric Motors (Aluminum) call us
Elevator Wire $0.65 / lb
Enameled Copper call us
F 75 call us
Fire Wire call us
Forktruck Battery $0.15 / lb
FSX 414 call us
Fuses $0.10 / lb
Gold $0.09 / cw
Hastelloy Solids call us
Hastelloy Turnings call us
Heliax Wire call us
High Speed Steel call us
Housewire call us
Inconel call us
Inconel 792 call us
Inconel 800 call us
Inconel 825 call us
Insulated Aluminum Wire call us
Insulated Copper Cable call us
Insulated Steel BX $0.30 / lb
Invar call us
Junkshop Extrusion $0.40 / lb
Kovar call us
Lead Batteries $0.20 / lb
Lead Coated Copper call us
Lead Shot call us
Lead Wheel Weights call us
Light Copper call us
MarM247 call us
Meatballs (Electric Motors) $0.35 / lb
Monel call us
Ni-Cad Batteries $0.05 / lb
Nickel call us
Non Magnetic Stainless Steel call us
Old Sheet Aluminum call us
O2 Sensors $3.50 / lb
Painted Aluminum call us
Pewter call us
Platinum $5.00 / lb
Plumbers Brass call us
Prepared Aluminum call us
Red Brass call us
Refined Rebrass & Copper $1.85 / lb
Rod Brass call us
Rod Brass Turnings call us
Sealed Units call us
Semi-Red Brass call us
Silver $1.00 / lb
Silver Plated Copper call us
Solid Core Heliax call us
Stainless Steel Breakage $0.55 / lb
Stainless Steel Heatsinks call us
Stainless Steel Kegs $0.55 / lb
Stainless Steel Sinks call us
Stainless Turnings call us
Starters call us
Steel Case Batteries $0.17 / lb
Tin Babbit call us
Tin Coated Copper call us
Tin Insulated Copper Wire call us
Unclean Brass Radiators call us
Wire Scrap call us
Wiring Harness call us
Yellow Brass call us
Zinc call us
Zorba $150 / ton


Tacoma Metals, Inc.
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Since 1983, with roots going back over 100 years, Tacoma Metals has been a buyer and supplier of non-ferrous metals both domestically and internationally. Our products are purchased from a variety of commercial and industrial sources, as well as the general public, throughout the Pacific Northwest and as far away as Alaska and Hawaii, including Western Canada. Our experienced and courteous staff receives and sorts the product which is then processed and packaged for shipment to recycling plants, mills, and foundries throughout the world.

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