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Scrap Metal Laws In

North Dakota

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Whether you are a resident of North Dakota or you are visit when recycling your scrap metal, you still must follow and abide by the scrap metal laws when selling metals. The iScrap App Team has a summary of the common and important scrap metal laws in North Dakota below. When selling your metals, there are different regulations in place to prevent theft and stolen materials being bought. Out of all the state North Dakota is by far the most lenient with very few regulations and laws in place. There are some more details below as well from public resources in North Dakota.

Summary of North Dakota Scrap Laws:

  • NMVTIS Reporting: Scrap yards in North Dakota must report any bought vehicles or cars to the Nation Motor Vehicle Title Information System. This system will notify the authorities of the identification of the person that owns the vehicle and when and where they sold it. With the information in the system, it is easy for authorities to work with the scrap yards in North Dakota for any theft or stolen vehicle incidents.
  • Get Further Details From North Dakota Organizations on Scrap Laws
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