Current Scrap Metal Prices
Scrap Metal Scrap Price Updated Price Date
Copper National Average $3.42/lb Updated 08/16/2022
Steel National Average $158.00/ton Updated 08/16/2022
Aluminum National Average $0.53/lb Updated 08/16/2022


Last updated:3 years ago
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Recent Price History

$0.01/ton Whitman,Massachusetts 07/8/21
$15.00/kg London,CA 10/26/17
$0.04/lb Marble Falls,Texas 08/11/15

About Mice

Can You Scrap Computer Mice?

Although you won’t make much from mice, you should scrap them anyways so that they are recycled properly. Mice are made up of mostly plastic but depending on what kind you have, they may have metals like steel and copper inside of them, as well as small circuit boards. If you can take apart your mice and find the metals inside, you will be able to get more cash. If you scrap yard does take scrap mice check with them for their current Mice Scrap Prices.

How To Sell Scrap Mice

Because they have some much plastic on them, it may not be worth the time to scrap as a whole unit, unless you have hundreds of pounds. Usually we suggest taking them apart for the circuit board inside and clip the copper wire off the back of them. Ask you local scrap yard if they accept them. To get the best prices for mice use the iScrap App to find scrap metal yards near you.

Do All Scrap Yards Buy Mice?

Not all scrap metal yards accept e-waste so be sure to ask before you bring it. There are special e-waste yards that will give you better pricing for mice than a normal scrap metal yard would. Be sure to check more than one yard near you to get the best pricing for mice.
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Top Non Ferrous Metals

Large Foreign Cat $312/each
Large GM Cat $281/each
Small Foreign Cat $163/each
Small GM Cat $162/each
Zorba $150/ton
Catalytic Converters $135/each
Regular Domestic Cat $119/each
Carbide $5.57/lb

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We did not find any yards in San Diego, CA that accept

Scrap Metal News

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Recycling keeps metals out of our landfills

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When you are looking to make the most money on your scrap transformer, we almost always suggest taking apart at least the copper transformers, and you should consider taking apart the aluminum ones

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Copper Shooting For The Moon, Still Pushing 10-Year Highs – 5/5/21

With copper prices rising and worldwide demand increasing, we won't be surprised to see a quick decrease or a fast increase coming

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