Metal Monday: Power Supplies from Computers

Hey iScrappers!

8-powersupplyLooking to stay warm with something to do during these winter months and make some money? Taking apart certain items like power supplies from computer towers may be your answer.

Power Supplies can be taken apart and many times you can make 15-20% more money by using your tool skills.

Inside of the power supply the shell of it is often aluminum, so that is a score to begin with. The wires going into the supply can be cut off and sold for an insulated wire price, and then there is the transformers that are inside as well. We don’t suggest taking the transformers apart, but you could take them off the board and you will be able to make a few more bucks. The power supply board can then be sold as a low grade board and you will be able to cash in for a few extra bucks.

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