Metal Monday: Electronics for Scrap Metal

electronics for scrap metalHey iScrappers!

Gobble….gobble!!! With Thanksgiving around the corner we are looking forward to the Holiday season starting (but not the snow season for those of you in cold weather states). Turkey season is here, and we are looking forward to seeing some of the pictures from your holiday scrap loads coming in soon…speaking of pictures, lets talk about cameras and other electronics.

Some electronics from homes including DVD players, old camcorders, VCR’s, and other devices withouth monitors are very desirable to buy and use….until they get old and break.

These items can sometimes be taken apart, but most of the time we recommend simply selling them for Light Iron pricing. They are going to have small traces of copper wires and some plastic on them, so they will generally always be a dirty item.

One recommendation…try reselling or using them first.

Scrap ya later!


When collecting electronics for scrap metal be sure to check with your local scrap yard to ensure that they accept the items that you are collecting. The worst that can happen is that you spend time and effort to take items to your yard and come to find that they don’t accept them. Some items to keep in mind that your yard may not take are TV’s monitors, keyboards, printers, and other items that contain mostly plastic. There are plenty of elements inside that can be taken from these items and sold separately at a scrap yard.

  • Low-grade boards
  • Copper wire
  • Electric Motors
  • Aluminum Heat Sinks
  • Transformers

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