How To Report Prices on the iScrap App

Are you looking to contribute to the largest site and app built for Scrappers, by Scrappers? Look no further than to start using the iScrap App Reported Price feature. Whether you are using the website on a desktop, on your mobile device, or you downloaded the free app, you can report scrap prices from anywhere in the US and Canada when you visit your local scrap yard.

The iScrap Team has made it easier than ever to report your scrap prices while on the go, by taking basic information and allowing you to report as many scrap prices as you would like at one time. There are many benefits for scrappers to reporting your scrap prices, not only to others use the iScrap App but also for future reference if/when prices change.

How Reported Scrap Metal Prices Can Help Your Earnings

Below is a step by step guide on how you can report your scrap prices on the iScrap App:

Step 1: Find Your Scrap Yard

Once you have found the right location on the website or app, click on that business listing. You’re going to want to find the “Report Prices” or “Post Prices” Button and click on it for a pop-up window.

Can’t find your scrap yard? Email our team to get it added!

Step 2: Enter Your Information

We ask for your basic contact information that way if we have questions about your reported prices, we have a way to contact you. Also, every week during our Weekly Report we can credit you with your reported prices. Once your information is entered, click “Continue” to the next screen.

Step 3: Report Your Scrap Prices

After you have entered your information, start listing your reported prices. You can report as many prices as you want on this window after you have searched for your material. Simply click on “+Add Another” and you can list the material and price for your other prices.

Step 4: Confirm & Submit Your Scrap Prices

After you have entered the information for the material and prices you received at your local scrap yard, click on “POST PRICES“. The next window will allow you to review your prices for any changes needed. If everything looks good, click “OK”.

Ready To Report Your Price?

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