SCRAP NEWS | Month: August 2020

Where Are Steel Prices This Week…UP! – 8/26/20

Jump To Non-Ferrous Prices   Jump To Ferrous Prices Scrap Nation! We hope that you are enjoying this nice uptick in prices that we have seen over the last few months and the leveling off of prices has been welcome to see. With copper prices settling after a little back and forth last week we […]

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Copper Hits $3.00, First Time Since 2018 – 8/19/20

Jump To Non-Ferrous Prices   Jump To Ferrous Prices Boom!!! It finally happened, we have seen copper prices on the trading side of the market rise to over $3.00 per pound for the first time since June 2018. With a long wait, we’re happy to see these markets come back, although it has been a […]

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Scrap computer hard drives at a scrap yard near you

Guide for Scrapping Hard Drives

Many scrappers come across hard drives when scrapping desktop computer towers or laptops. There are some easy ways to make an extra buck on the hard drives that you are collecting. Below we have a guide on scrapping Hard Drives and the other components from your computers: Guide for Scrapping Hard Drives Hard Drives Units […]

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Where to find scrap metal items in your house

Metal Monday: Common Household Items

Ever wake up, hit the alarm clock and just want to throw it against the wall? Well…sometimes those old alarm clocks and other household electronics are great items to be able to scrap. Many of the newer clocks will mostly be plastic, but a lot of the old ones have metal frames as well as […]

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How To Separate Your Copper Scrap for Recycling

Ever come across some metal or items that you know can be recycled at your local scrap yard? With today’s world of energy efficient cars and technology, recycling is a well-known practice among most communities. Scrap metal recycling is one of the largest industries in the world that adds to the growing culture of restore, […]

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After Quick Dip, Copper Recovered – 8/12/2020

Jump To Non-Ferrous Prices   Jump To Ferrous Prices Oops! As they once said in the movie Anchorman, “That escalated quickly.” This week we are talking about the pricing of gold going over $2,000 an ounce for the first time and quickly coming back down to Earth as more economic news came out. Because of […]

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Navigating The Gray Areas Of Scrap Metals

Like many other industries, the scrap metal industry has it’s own gray areas when it comes to collecting scrap metal, selling it, and the laws and regulations that go along with it. While scrap laws usually vary from state to state in the US, there are many restrictions and illegal things that apply nationwide. With […]

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Where Are The Copper Prices? – 8/5/2020

Jump To Non-Ferrous Prices   Jump To Ferrous Prices Welcome to August! We hope that everyone on the East Coast that was affected by the strong storm that came through is staying safe and after staying safe starTing to look for some scrap.  After looking at the market over the last week it has been […]

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