12/20/17 Scrap Price Report: Stocks Soar, So Do Prices

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays iScrappers!!!

We hope that you have been out there gathering up that holiday cash and getting ready for all of the festivities that are here and will be here soon enough! With 2017 wrapping up we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to let you know where the metals markets are, how they have been, and hopefully helping to show you a little more information about scrap this year.

With copper rallying after the drop that we saw in the markets the last few weeks, we have almost had these markets recover back to the highs that we saw a few months ago. With these market increases we are happy to see them really being steady into the end of December….but let’s get into more details below.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Markets

With the stock market continuing to soar with record highs, we have seen more and more people being very positive about the prices of copper going into 2018. With that increase, we will continue to ride the multi-year high prices into January and hopefully, we will continue to keep this train moving forward into the New Year.

Reported Non-Ferrous Prices (12/13 – 12/19):

  • Sacramento, CA:  Brass, $1.64/lb.
  • Rockaway, NJ:  #1 Bare Bright Copper, $2.68/lb.
  • Norwalk, CT:  Aluminum Copper Coil, $1.10/lb.
  • Augusta, GA:  Insulated Copper Cable, $1.25/lb.
  • Kansas City, MO:  Clean AL Wire, $0.70/lb.
  • North Vernon, IN:  Lead Batteries, $0.32/lb.
  • Richmond, VA:   #1 Bare Bright Copper, $2.25/lb.
  • Rogersville, AL:  Ballasts, $0.08/lb.
  • Bowling Green, KY:  #2 copper tubing, $2.20/lb.
  • Cocoa, FL:   Yellow Brass, $1.20/lb.
  • Amarillo,  TX:  Car/Truck Batteries, $0.25/lb.
  • Norwalk, CT:  AL/Copper Cutoffs, $0.35/lb.

Ferrous Scrap Metal Markets

With oil staying strong, the stock market rising to all-time highs (what seems like daily), and with the new tax code going into effect next year we have seen a massive amount of changes beginning to happen for the steel markets.

Prices have risen over $20 per ton in December for all materials across the board and we are excited to see what happens heading into January. We talked to multiple people and most of them seem very bullish on the steel markets for the rest of this year and many think that we will continue to see the increase continue going into January and beyond.

With oil prices rising at a nice pace, with copper at a strong level, and with a major overall to taxes, all of these factors are contributing

Reported Ferrous Prices (12/13 – 12/19):

  • Neenah, WI:  Shreddable Steel, $60.00/ton
  • Sebastian, FL:  Light Iron, $60.00/ton
  • Portland, OR:  #1 Steel, $115.00/ton
  • Kansas City, MO:  Shreddable Steel, $0.04/lb.
  • Commerce City, CO:  #2 Prepared, $110.00/ton
  • Newton, MS:  Tin, $150.00/ton

Other Metal Markets

With metal markets going in a positive direction we have been further researching where a new recycling market, lithium-ion batteries, and similar types will be going to.

With cobalt being the metal that makes up most of the lithium-ion batteries, it has been very tough to find good recyclers that can take it and pay a good price for batteries out of hybrid vehicles, laptops, cell phones and other things like tools…but the list of recyclers is growing.

We have talked to many professionals and they said that while a lot of scrap yards will begin to take them..that there will be a large learning curve and that is going to be the problem. Just like the innovation of cars from gas to electric, there is a learning curve on how to react and make things work correctly.

We read an article talking about electric charging stations versus gas stations in the US and how the numbers are about 16000 vs. 115000…that disparity makes it so that electric vehicles still won’t be able to catch up to their petroleum consuming counterparts…and this is similar to how the scrap industry will work as well.

We wish you and your families a safe and Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas, and we should talk to you before New Years…but ho ho ho ho ho ho!!!

Scrappppp ya later!


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