10 Scrap Metal Creations We Love

If you are looking for some really cool scrap metal sculptures and creations, we have 10 of our favorites below. We have to take some time to really check out how cool these are and how intricate the pieces involved are. Some of these look realistic from a far distance.

Check them out:

What’s cooler than seeing a dinosaur?
One that’s made out of scrap metal and can carry a cowboy of course!

Darth Vader Head Made From Scrap Metal
Luke – we have your scrap metal!

Scrap metal motorcycle
Looking sharp on our scrap metal ride!
Wall-E scrap metal
A cool recreation of Wall-E!

Captain Jack Sparrow
We’ve got Caption Jack Sparrow – now all we need is the rum!
Optimus Prime Scrap metal
Optimus Prime – He’d only be cooler if he turned into a sweet ride, too!
Woman with arms out
Check out this woman in a dress.
Car made from scrap metal
A Mercedes made from scrap – talk about an attention grabber!

Metal dog
Who doesn’t want to be wasted away in scrappersville?
Metal Michael Jackson
A recreation of Michael Jackson himself.

What’s your favorite piece of scrap metal art that we’ve included?

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